4 Channel Balun

SKU: NT614

$16.00 +GST

Quick Overview

Carry up to Four Video Signals Over a single CAT5 cable. Includes both ends.

4CH Baluns allow you to send up to four security cameras signals (or any other 75ohm video) across one piece of CAT5.    This is perfect for buildings that have existing structured cabling that need to be able to send video over long distances.

Colour video can be sent up to 400m meters and monochrome up to 600m.

Two Baluns are included, one for each end.     Each Balun has 4 video inputs on one side and one RJ45 port on the other.  Simply connect security cameras or any other video signal to the video side and CAT5 to the other side and vice versa  at the other end. 

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