4M Radar Obstacle Detection System


Quick Overview

Detect Objects up to 4m Away.

Radar obstacle detection provides an extremely reliable way of detecting objects behind moving machines and vehicles.   An on-board processing unit is able to precisely calculate the distance and direction of obstacles. 

As distances are reduced an alarm will sound depending if the system is armed or not (i.e. in reverse gear).  As soon as distance increases the alarm will stop instantly even if still armed. This drastically reduces alarm fatigue and false alarm situations.

Detection Zones

Capable of detection objects up to 4m away with three different detection zones.  Radar will accurately calculate the distance and trigger the corresponding alarm.


The system will only alarm when the distance to an object is reducing and the system is armed - arming is generally done of the reversing light or trigger.   Even when armed if the distance to the object is growing, i.e. the other object is also moving away faster then the system will not alert.   This is excellent for busy work zones as it reduces operator alarm fatigue.

  • Compact Radar sensor
  • Detection Range : 4.3 x 4.0 Meter
  • Detection Zone : 3 zone
  • Provide visual and audible alerts for driver.
  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Input (arming) trigger for reverse select etc 
  • Radar Dimension 43W x 42H x 33D (mm)
  • Display Dimension 65W x 20H x 54D (mm)
  • IP69K, 12V-24V DC, 15G Vibration rating

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