Utepo 5.8GHz Wireless Point to Point

SKU: UTP-CP5-900

Quick Overview

5GHz, low interference, up to 3km wireless transmission distance.
900M, built-in 12dBi dual-polarized directional antenna.

The CP5-900 is a 5.8GHz 900M long-distance wireless transmission device, with 11n wireless technology. Unique digital matching technology, it is easy to complete matching of point-to-point, point to multipoint without computer configuration.

Equipped with an industrial waterproof housing, it adapts to the outdoor harsh environment. And it is easy to be installed with the built-in 12dBi antenna. What’s more, it enhances the performance and stability of wireless transmission and is widely used in medium and short distance video transmission and data transmission within elevator, scenic spot, factory, & dock etc.

Super Easy to Setup

Built in auto configuration allows easy setup of point to point and point to multi-point.   Simply set the main AP to master and the rest to slave, power up and you are done!  This will include security and will create a network ready to use.    Perfect for camera installations.

Web & Cloud Management

Use utepos own cloud management tool to remotely check the status and configure your units. Easy to use and setup.