Keep your home safe this holiday season


The old adage prevention is better than cure is certainly true when it comes to home security; preventing a home burglary is far better than dealing with the aftermath of one.  Here are our five top tips for keeping your property safe this holiday season:

  1. Before you leave the house, make sure that all windows and door are securely locked (event he windows that you think aren't easily accessible).  Also lock garages, sheds and gates.
  2. Light it up.  Install a sensor light.  If you already have, make sure that it's switched on when you leave.  Also consider having an inside light / lamp set on a timer.
  3. Ask a neighbour or friend to clear your mailbox.  An overflowing mailbox is a sure sign that no one is home.
  4. Leave curtains open and blinds up.  Would be thieves often investigate targets during the day, if the curtains are closed it can indicate no one is home.
  5. Don't leave tools, ladders etc lying around which could make it easier for thieves to break in.

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