New Product - Viewtech Heavy Duty Wireless Backing System

We are happy to announce the Viewtech Heavy Duty Wireless camera system.

 This kit features a robust digital transmission system which manages to deal with most interference sources without any visible interference or transmission interruption.

The monitor is able to view up to four cameras at once or two in a split screen configuration. The split screen mode also features a trigger wire enabling this view to be electrically triggered based on the vehicles mode.   The also has the ability to be able to record once a micro SD card is inserted into a secure slot.    This ability enables the Viewtech Heavy Duty Wireless camera system to be a great tool for accident or near miss review as well as a training aid.    The recorded video has a time date stamp.

What we love most about this kit is the time that it saves our customers especially on forklift and crane installations.

vt7dwq with cam rec


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