Viewtech Truck-Cam 2 Channel HD Drive Recorder

SKU: VTX-100

Quick Overview

Truck / Drive camera system, records forward facing and driver facing video, audio, GPS and G-force data.

** Discontinued. We no longer stock this product and have updated to the VTX-300.


VTX-100 Driver Recorder for Loss Protection - Driver Safety - Driver Training

Note VTX-100 is our latest model which can support SD cards up to 128GB.  CDR210 was our previous model.

Two Cameras

The VTX-100 2CH HD Drive recorder has two cameras. One HD wide dynamic range camera facing forward to capture driving video and the other facing into the vehicle cabin to capture driver and passenger video. Both cameras can be set to record at once or the internal camera can be switched off if required.  The internal camera features night vision so that the driver can even be seen in pitch black.

The drive facing video will instantly prove whether your driver was distracted during the exact moment of an accident or event.   This feature will give good drivers piece of mind while driving large commerical vehicles.

GPS and Sensors

The VTX-100 2CH Drive Recorder is packed with sensors. It has two cameras, a GPS receiver, microphone and a xyz motion recorder. All this data is recorded at the same time and then played back on the included easy to use software.

Advantages & Piece Of Mind

This system allows piece of mind when driving. Now, when you are in any kind of accident dispute you will have full GPS tagged video evidence of the event. This makes the Camos 2CH Driver recorder a perfect tool for loss prevention, driving training, driver awareness along with many other advantages.


DVR unit
car power adaptor
wired remote control
full manual
software CD

  • 130° Camera angle (inside and out)
  • cover lock for SD slot (uses star type screw)
  • HD forward facing camera
  • easy installation bracket
  • cabled remote control & panic switch
  • Max 64GB SD card
  • Voice record (inside)
  • 3 axis motion sensor data logger
  • GPS data logging with speed
  • easy to use playback software show video, audio, maps, speed and g-forces simultaneously
  • Wide dynamic range forward facing camera

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