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Axxon Next: The New, Innovative Open-Platform Video Management Software from AxxonSoft

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Viewtech is proud to be certified to supply and support Axxon Next, a next-generation open-platform video management software (VMS). Thanks to exciting innovations from AxxonSoft, the Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility.

Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can scale infinitely: there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Axxon Next also plays well with other devices and systems. Support for over 1000 models of IP cameras is included, as well as remote access from mobile devices and a web interface. The software’s intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze and increases workflow efficiency.

Security needs of all sizes – from those of large-scale distributed facilities to the smallest sites – can be efficiently met with Axxon Next video management software. Every license includes full, unrestricted VMS functionality, even on systems of just one camera. Users on tight budgets will appreciate the free version of the program, which supports up to 16 camera channels.

 Axxon Next is so scalable & versatile it can be used to prevent loss across a huge range of industries.  Call us today on 0800 888 324 to learn more about how Axxon Next can be used to manage your new or existing CCTV system.


MomentQuest2 allows for quick retrieval of video footage thanks to metadata stored with each image. These are all the data on objects moving in the scene which are calculated as the video is streaming and stored alongside with the footage. Within seconds, the MomentQuest2 system will find all records that match the user's query.

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