Nx Witness VMS


Viewtech is proud to be a distributor of Nx Witness licenses within NZ. 

International customers please contact us directly for availability.   Licenses can be emailed within two days.

Extremely scalable and stable it suits anyone who needs four cameras up to hundreds or even thousands of cameras.  Finding events and running investigations in your video surveillance system has never been easier.  Nx witness literally can save you hours of time.

Viewtech is an authorised distributor of Nx Witness and can supply Nx Witness licenses, help with Nx system design and offer technical support.   Nx witness is an extremely light weight and easy to use VMS system.   

Simply download, discover and enjoy - all done within minutes Nx Witness is the easiest VMS you will ever try.  



The Nx Witness mobile app is just as easy.  Live view and payback from within the same screen - no switching back and forth between live and playback.    Connect to any of your systems via the app using either direct IP or the cloud based connection method. 

More Information & Downloads

Nx Witness Product Brochure         Nx Witness Server Hive Architecture        Nx Witness Video Wall 

                                   Nx Witness Mobile                             Nx Witness Desktop Client                    Nx Witness Cloud

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6 Item(s)