PTZ Cameras

Viewtech has experience supplying a wide range of PTZ cameras for use in a huge range of industries.   Environmental monitoring,  farm and yard security and retail security are just some of the applications we have supplied PTZ for. 

PTZ cameras offer full Pan Tilt & Zoom Controls and allow users to remotely view and zoom around a scene. PTZ cameras come in all shapes and sizes and offer optical zoom from 3x up to 48x.

Other PTZ features can include the following:

  • motion tracking - the camera locks to a target and will track it until it leaves the field of view
  • presets - set points in the cameras view that can be jumped to by a simple selection
  • tour - the camera will continuously move to a preconfigured amount of presets one after another
  • up to 500m of night vision
  • dual optical and thermal camera options
Call us today if you need to talk about how PTZ cameras can help your surveillance needs, 0800 888 324.

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15 Item(s)