Deep Blue Pro Underwater Camera System


Quick Overview

Industrial Grade underwater camera system with 60m cable.

Call today for the latest price and availability.  We have experience in supplying this system into New Zealand for a range of different applications.

The Deep Blue Pro is a time tested robust design that consistently satisfies both professional and recreational videographers. Its high-resolution camera and extremely low-light operating capability have made it one of the most widely acknowledged underwater cameras in the industry over the last decade.  The external high intensity L.E.D. lighting system and phenomenal colour recording capacity put the power of a mini submersible at your fingertips. 

Heavy Duty

The Deep Blue Pro is the camera of choice for science and wildlife applications, military applications and many other industries where a robust, long lasting underwater camera is required.   The body is cast anodized aluminium and the cable is military grade high strength. 

The Deep Blue Pro will connect into any monitor or DVR system with a standard composite (RCA or BNC) input.

Included in Package:

  • Camera Head
  • 60m Umbilical Cable
  • Cable Reel
  • External LED Lighting System
  • Drift Fin
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply (ciggy charger)
  • RCA Male/Male Video Out Cable
  • Cable Anchoring Clamp
  • High resolution color picture
  • Low Light Operation
  • Virtually Indestructible Camera Housing
  • Military Grade Umbilical Cable
  • High Bright LED Underwater Lighting
  • Easy Deployment / Recovery
  • Recessed Lens Will Not Scratch
  • No Installation Required, Fully Portable


Camera Deployment Methods

The Deep Blue utilizes an adjustable strain relief which makes which makes it very versatile on how the camera can deployed. You can use it as a drop camera vertically or horizontally. It can towed, attached to a down rigger or attached to a tow wing. Of coarse any as with all of our underwater cameras it can also be attached to a telescoping handle.

Set The Adjustable Strain Relief:

The ASR is used to set the cameras horizontal attitude in the water prior to deployment. 


Free Drift:

You may use the drift fin and / or the ballast weight connection to control the direction the camera point while deployed in the water. The ballast weight will help keep in down if there are strong currents or you are deploying the camera very deep.


High Speed Towing:

This High Speed Tow Wing deployment accessory is used for high speed trolling at the surface. It is used almost exclusively for Marlin fishing.


Telescoping Handles:

You may purchase a 4-12' aluminum or a 5-21' fiberglass telescoping handle. The accessory is used for shallow water inspections and swim training.


Attached to a down rigger:

The Deep Blue camera is the best camera to attached to a down rigger while fishing. The camera body is designed to use hydrodynamics to point towards your gear while fishing. There is also a special fin in the back of the housing that a will accept a down rigger clip to a attach to your down rigger line.
Camera Specifications
Video Output: Composite NTSC (PAL Optional) - works with any video device with RCA video input
Focus: Fixed 1 inch to focal infinity
Auxiliary Lighting: High Intensity LED
Resolution: 520 TV Lines
CCD: 1/3" Sony Super HAD II
Pixel Array 768(H )X 494(V)
Lens: 3.6mm
Iris: Electronic
Operating Temp: -10 to 55C
Light Sensitivity: 0.1 lux
Input Voltage: 12 volts DC
Current Draw: 90 mA

Physical Specifications
Body Construction: Anodized Cast Aluminum
Exterior Finish: Thermoplastic Paint
Camera Weight: 1.2lbs water / 2lbs air (Dive weight can be added)
Depth Rating: 800ft standard / 2000ft with upgrade
Cable Strength: 700lbs break strength / 250lbs nominal work load
Available Cable Lengths: 50-1000ft in 50ft. increments
Dimensions: 3" Dia. / 3.5" Length
Weight with 50ft Cable: 10lbs

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