Enforcer Quad Photobeam Detector

SKU: SP-E964-Q660Q

$229.00 +GST

Quick Overview

200m Beam range, laser alignment, easy to setup.

Enables reliable entry or perimeter detection up to a range of 200m outdoors.    Ideal for large driveways, rural entrances and openings plus many other applications.    All four beams must be broken before trigger is activated and detection time is variable.

Features easy laser alignment, tamper alarm, built in frost heater and built in 90° horizontal alignment.   A built in tamper circuit will trip the alarm if the cover is removed and built in visible lasers assist with installation alignment.

  • Quad beams provide reliable perimeter security, minimizing false alarms from falling leaves, etc.
  • Multi-frequency (4 channels selectable) to eliminate interference between multiple units.
  • Lensed optics reinforce beam strength and provide excellent immunity to false alarms due to rain, snow, mist, etc.
  • Weatherproof, sunlight-filtering case for indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Anti-frost system so that beam functions even in extreme conditions.
  • Automatic input power filtering with special noise rejection circuitry.
  • NC/NO alarm output.
  • NC tamper circuit included.
  • Non-polarized power inputs.
  • Quick, easy installation with built-in laser beam alignment system.
  • Built-in heater.
  • Buzzer sound (beep sound) for beam alignment




Max. range (outdoor)


Max. range (indoor)





12~24 VDC/VAC (non-polarity)

Detection system

50ms~700ms (variable)

Alarm output

Contact capacity : NO/NC, 1A@12VAC

Tamper output (Tx & Rx)

NC Switch 1A@120VAC

Alarm LED (Receiver)

Red LED – ON : When transmitter and receiver are not aligned or when beam is broken

Signal LED (Receiver)

Yellow LED

OFF : Beam aligned properly

Flash : When receiver’s signal weak

ON : Beam break or beam alignment not proper

Power LED (Rx & Tx)

Green LED – ON: Indicates connected to power

Laser wavelength


Laser output power


Alignment angle

Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 15°

Operating Temperature

-13°~131° F (-25°~55° C)

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