Fleetview 6CH Mobile DVR

SKU: FV0602-4G

Quick Overview

Hard Drive and SD card Based Mobile DVR Unit

Viewtech are proud to offer Fleetview, our next generation vehicle DVR range.   The range combines robust hardware with the option of a full server management tool.

Fleetview mobile DVRs allow fleet operators across a wide range of industries to validate operations, manage health and safety risk and reduce shrinkage stock and freight.   Video is stored direct to SD or hard drive and can be viewed multiple ways.

Compact, Robust, Cost Effective

FV0602-4G is compact and records to SD card as well as 2.5" Hard drive.  The SD slot is mainly used for redundancy, should the primary HDD fail.   Conventional 2.5" disks and SSDs are no problem and the system has very advanced vibration management for spinning discs.    Completely robust with high end temperature and vibration ratings. It also features our EzyConnect 4-pin cable system and is compatible with all our Viewtech EzyConnect 4-pin cameras, reversing cameras and screens.

4G Connectivity

Model FV0602-4G comes with a built in 4G modem compatible on Vodafone, Spark and 2 degrees.  This is used for full live and remote access to video and events.

Composite, AHD and IP Recording

FV0602-4G has 6 x analogue and 4 x IP inputs. The 4 analogue ports are Viewtech EzyConnect 4-pin connectors and the IP channel is a 6-pin connector with RJ45 adaptors available.   The 4 analogue ports also accept AHD 1080P cameras which we can also supply.

Secure and Reliable

Memory is securely locked by key.  Video is stored in a highly secure format which cannot be just taken and played on any computer.  This ensure privacy and data integrity concerns are met and that video is considered evidential.   Built in NZ automatic daylight savings time ensures that the time is always correct.

Fleetview Software Features

  • Unlimited amount of DVRs can be added
  • Full Client / Server architecture
  • Multiple Clients can be installed for multi-user access
  • set backup tasks and jobs over wifi or 4G
  • live view all cameras
  • live view vehicle locations with Google maps
  • replay all cameras
  • view and be alerted of alarms in real time
  • remotely setup DVR settings
  • full suite of reports with export
  • full mobile app support


A really common question: "How to I access my Footage?"

Fleetview DVRs have multiple options for accessing and viewing the footage.   

  1. The most basic option is to remove the SD card or hard drive (hard drive models have an easily removeable caddy) and use a PC to read.  Included client software allows you to replay footage and black box data (black box data being time, date, g-force and GPS data).
  2. Use the Fleetview Mobile check device. This is a clever device that plugs into the USB port on the DVR. This sets up a wifi AP and allows any Android device running the mobile check app to setup, replay and backup the DVR unit.
  3. Use the NZ Based Fleetview server.  This is for wifi and 4G enabled units and allows full live tracking, live view of video, replay of video as well as many other functions including real time alarms.
  • 6 x 1080p AHD Recording
  • 4 x 1080p IP Recording
  • 1 x Micro SD Slot and 1 x 2.5" HDD bay (SSD or mechanical disk)
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • GPS for speed and geotagging of video
  • Advanced robust power system with shut down delay
  • Multi-voltage 8V-36V
  • 4G Built in 
  • USB for mouse control and Mobile Check tool
  • H265 compression

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