Fleetview Mobile Check Diagnostic Tool


Quick Overview

Allows easy Setup of Fleetview Vehicle DVRs

The Viewtech Fleetview mobile check device allows easy setup, live view, playback and backup of any Fleetview DVR unit.

Simply plug the unit into the USB port on the Fleetview DVR and the device instantly sets up a wifi hotspot.    Use your android device to then connect to the unit which will then allow a full range of user and diagnostic features.  

This allows Fleets with multiple DVR's to easily check and maintain DVR units.  


Video and Alarm Content View on Playback


Network Connectivity Status Screen


Video Playback Screen showing Time and Speed data


General Vehicle Settings

  • built in wifi access point
  • works on android devices only
  • built in SD slot for firmware updates, config file backup and video backup
  • allows live view and replay of video
  • allows changing of full settings

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