Fleetview VMS Software


Quick Overview

Allows live view, replay, backup and realtime access to any FleetView Mobile DVR.

Fleetview VMS is the software engine behind our Fleetview range of mobile DVR's. 

The Client software available with all Fleetview DVR's and allows search, reply and backup for SD cards and Hard drives that are physically removed from Fleetview DVR's.

Fleetview mobile DVR's that are 4G enabled can also be accessed in real time via our software.


Live View Mode

Live view model requires Fleetview DVRs to be connected by wifi or 4G. This gives realtime access to location, speed, video and other data.  All enabled vehicles are shown on a map at once and you can simply click one to live view the video.


 Playback Mode

Playback mode allows simultaneous viewing of Video, GPS, speed and G-force data.  From there video can be selected for backup to AVI. The route is shown on the map and you can jump to any location by simply clicking on the route. 



Alarm Event Management Centre

In FleetView there are many ways to configure and manage alarms.  In playback mode locations that alarms occurred show on the map.  If using the server and in live view mode alarms are reported in real time. These can then be acknowledged in various ways.   Alarm video can also be set to instantly download and backup either by wifi when the vehicle comes to yard or instantly over 4G.

Calendar Searching

Easy to use interfaces allow video to be searched in different ways.   You can search video directly on a DVR, directly on storage media connected to the PC you are on or by searching video that you have already saved to your server.  Fleetview allows many ways for you to retrieve and view your stored video.


  • Ulimited amount of DVRs can be added
  • Full Client / Server architecture
  • Multiple Clients can be installed for multi-user access
  • set backup tasks and jobs over wifi or 3G
  • live view all cameras
  • live view vehicle locations with google maps
  • replay all cameras
  • view and be alerted of alarms in real time
  • remotely setup DVR settings
  • full suite of reports with export


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