Miracleon 4CH 960H DVR - Clearance


$150.00 +GST

Quick Overview

4CH 960H Full frame recording, network and phone access.

One of the most reliable 4 Channel analogue DVR's on the market this system operates on a Linux platform (no Linux knowledge required) and has a clean easy to use interface. Easy to setup and operate (USB mouse operated) and even easier to view and playback footage.  Features DVD quality imaging and transmits video more efficiently than ever over IP networks.   Now also features push notifications to Android and Iphone.

Similar to and compatible with the popular Indigo series of DVRs.

iPhone & Android Access
ED04P has a custom designed app for the Iphone and Android platforms.   If your handset can download and install the app "Imon2" from your phones app store  the chances are you will be able to live view, remote playback, remote setup and view the alarm log of this DVR remotely.   Push notifications are now also available on iPhone and Android handsets.  This is a programable feature that will alert you on motion, alarm, system alarm etc.  See below for more information.


ED04P is one of the most reliable highest quality video recorders on the market.  It incorporates an embedded Linux system which provides the most reliable application and user interface ever experienced in a stand alone DVR, much more reliable than PC based systems and never crashes, restarts or shutdown.  

960H Full Frame Recording
The most touted feature of the ED04P is the inclusion of 960H recording.  This allows the resolution of 700TVL 960H cameras to be recorded to its full potential.  This gives an increase of 33% resolution over standard D1 analogue recording.

Easy to use CMS
ED04P is supplied with a state of the art software Central Monitoring system called Nemon.  Nemon enables up to 128 cameras to be viewed over the internet at once.  You may have multiple ED04P units or even ED08P & ED16P units at multiple sites and the CMS allows you to view all cameras on on screen. You can even select favourite cameras from each DVR to view on the one screen.   You can also remotely login to the DVR and have full control over settings and parameters.  See the attached picture for a screen shot of the playback interface.

Email Notifcation, Callback & Auto Archive
ED04P can be setup to email events to a specified email address.  It also has a callback application for use over networks which enables a log file to be generated on a client computer. Once click of the log item and that view will be shown instantly.   ED04 can also be set to auto archive video accross a lan before old video if overwritten.

Product Support
Miracleon DVRs software are constantly being updated, refined and improved.    New firmware updates which include enhanced features and fixes are continuously being rolled out and the Client software and Smart Phone apps are continuously under development with new version released periodically.   Viewtech can remotely update your DVR with the latest software as it comes to hand or pass it to the technician who installed your DVR who can then update it on site.


  • DVR
  • 240V power supply
  • manual
  • client software
  • Hard drive screws


Not Included:

  • Hard drive
  • Monitor
  • Mouse

Key Features

  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Included client software licensed for unlimited sites and up to 128 cameras.
  • 960H Full frame recording to utilize full resolution of 700TVL cameras
  • Included iPhone and Android applications which include full live view, replay,  alarm view, alarm trigger and remote setup.
  • Event backup straight to USB pen drive as AVI or proprietary file. (proprietary file maintains data integrity and can include more than one camera, DVR will also copy a player onto the pen drive for easy playback)
  • Auto Archive of video over the LAN
  • Free domain name server for remote access on dynamic IP eg. "yourname.dvr.com"
  • HDMI, VGA and BNC outputs can be used independantly as live view, spot output or replay screens. 

Full Feature List 

  • Embedded Linux Operating System to Maximise Reliability
  • Live view and playback over internet. Access from any web browser.
  • H.264 Real time Video Compression and playback
  • Super User friendly
  • Pentaplex operation - Display, record, playback, networking and backup all at the same time
  • Easy to use Web Monitoring, search and playback
  • Advanced networking features, webserver, DDNS.
  • Realtime live Display, 100ips playback (images per second)
  • 4 Camera inputs
  • 1 Audio Inputs
  • Various Display formats 1,4
  • USB Mouse control
  • Remote controlled over lan
  • Admin & User accounts
  • Motion detection recording
  • Recording quality can be set individually on each channel
  • Alarm output relays
  • Alarm input relay
  • Easy playback timeline feature - just click on the date and time for instant playback
  • Back up over network, USB hard drive.
  • Instant snapshot print over lan
  • VGA & RCA outputs

PC Software Features:

  • real time live view on local or remote sites or a mixture of cameras at different sites (favourites)
  • full replay and search options by calendar, alarm etc
  • full remote setup
  • full back up by AVI or database file (inlcudes own proprietary player to achieve data integrity)
  • voice transmission to remote speaker
  • PTZ control
  • Auto achiving.  Can be set to archive entire contents once a week to a remote storage device or NAS.   Sofware will then access achived files to allow full search and playback.
  • remote callback notification to any PC.  Alarm log can be viewed on a PC in realtime (push notifications) 

iPhone & Android Features:   Update:  Now also features Push notification

  • live view full screen
  • Replay of events
  • push notification - this will alert your handset when sensor input, motion or system alarms are activated (each can be independantly turned on or off)
  • saves multiple sites
  • live view quad screen
  • full remote setup
  • alarm log list
  • alarm output remote activation
  • Full PTZ control 


Signal Format


Video Input

Composite :4 Looping Inputs, I Vp-p, Auto-Terminating, 75 Ohms

Monitor Outputs

Composite: One, I Vp-p, 75 Ohms

VGA : One, BNC: One (either can be spot or primary).  HDMI x 1


Video Display Resolution


720 X 576(PAL) : 400ips (images Per Second)

Record Speed

75FPS @ 960H

Picture Quality: Very High, High, Standard and Low

Mode: Time lapse, Event, Time & Event.


Alarm Input


Alarm Output



10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ45

Audio Input

One, "Line-in", RCA

Audio Output

One, "Line-out", RCA

Alarms / RS485

Terminal Block

USB Port



Primary Storage

2 x SATA Disk Drives

Backup Storage

Via USB or Network

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