Nx Witness Server Package with 4 AI Cameras


Quick Overview

Includes micro server, HDD, PoE Switch and 4 x 6MP AI cameras.

This amazing pack will include the following

1 x VMS5 Micro Server

1 x Adata 4TB USB Drive

4 x Dahua 6MP AI Turret Cameras

4 x Nx Witness Professional Licenses 

This is the perfect way to get Nx Witness into a home or small business.  Our VMS5 server is powerful enough to record 4 - 8 cameras bu tiny enough to hide away anywhere.   Completely fanless and also 12V DC capable. 

Utilize the full benefits of the AI human and vehicle detection with easy integration into Nx Witness - the fastest growing and easist to use VMS you can currently buy.



Server Features

  • 2 x Gig Network Interfaces, 
  • 2 x HDMI, 
  • 1 x Display port
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x 2.5" Sata Bay
  • 1 x Mini Sata Slot

Starlight Technology

This camera features ultra low lux capability allowing the camera to stay in colour in very low light levels.  Once in black in white in pitch black conditions the IR and starlight sensor will product an extremely crisp and sharp black and white image.

WizSense Advanced AI Features

Artificial intelligence features allows the following: tripwire and line crossing based on vehicles and people (eliminates false alarms), Face detection and capture, People counting.

H.265 Encoding

This camera is capable of encoding H.264 or H.265 streams.  H.265 encoding will use half of the bandwidth to that of H.264 meaning that is requires half the disk space and half of the network bandwidth for the same quality image.   When recording H.265 the NVR must also support it.   

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