Our Technology

Since 2006 Viewtech has taken pride in specializing in CCTV related equipment.  This is realised by offering a very wide range of CCTV technology. We take pride in being able to offer the best possible technical support to our base of trade, corporate and government clients.   Visit our trade section if you wish to create an account or call us on 0800 888 324.

Our technology and brands can be summarised below.

Viewtech Vehicle Reversing cameras, Blind Spot Technology & DVRs

We can design and supply blind spot camera, dash cam and driver facing cameras and Vehicle DVR systems for all types of vehicle fleets.  

Viewtech is able to design and supply CCTV cameras for most types of vehicles across a wide range of industries.  We supply camera and recording equipment into the agriculture, heavy transport, forrestry, mining and marine industries.    Our technology includes a wide range of specialized cameras, video recording units and digital LCD monitors.  Our vehicle CCTV may use any of the technologies below.

We supply reversing cameras, drive and truck cameras, multi-camera recording systems with GPS tagged video for all kinds of heavy industry.  We can provide multi channel vehicle DVRs with 3G/4G access and real time visibility.


Fleetview is our comprehensive multi camera recording system designed for vehicles.  It allows recording, GPS tracking and full remote access to any vehicle.

View Fleetview Here.

Dahua CCTV

Dahua manfufactures a full range of CCTV related equipment including NVR, IP cameras and HD-CVI cameras plug a full range of perihperals.  We are able to offer extremely good technical support, fast turn around on orders and outstanding customer service on all Dahua product. 

We have supplied Dahua product into New Zealand since 2012 and are a Full New Zealand Distributor.

View our Dahua products here.


Nx Witness

Nx Witness by Network Optix is an easy to use and easy to installed video management system that does not come short on features.

View Nx Witnes here.


Ajax Wireless Alarms

Ajax wireless alarms have taken the world by storm with their easy to use and easy to setup wireless alarms systems.  With a no nonsense approach this professional alarm brand is the first choise for many professional installers.

Analogue CCTV

We will carry some analogue equipment however this is hard to get now.  Traditional analogue systems are being rolled over to IP or HD analogue systems.