Paragontech 60m Floodlight

SKU: PI-1000XX

Quick Overview

High end illuminator with 2 year warranty, 60m 60° IR Floodlight available in both 940nM & 850nM.

Paragontech's IR illuminator range offers superior IR illumination and is available in many angles and viewing distances.   Paragontech products feature a full 2 year warranty and 10 year life span along with low power consumption and excellent performance.  Call us today to find the best illuminator for your application.  

Hybrid Technology

See more clearly and much further with Paragontech's hybrid IR technology.  This technology uses patented infrared illuminators that outperform standard LEDs in both visibility, life span and power consumption.   A combination of aspherical convex and aspherical plano lenses are included to focus and spread the beams of light depending on the required horizontal field of view.

Available in 850nM or 940nM

This illuminator is available in 850nM for 60m viewing or 940nM for around 45m. 

High Quality Construction and Long Lasting

Paragontech IR illuminators are well constructed and built to last.   Built from aluminum to efficiently handle heat dissapation and corrosion resistant. 

A bracket allowing 2 or 3 units is also available.

Dual 12V DC / 24VAC allows for a convenient installation.

  • Full 2 year warranty and 10 year life span
  • 850nM has 70m viewing at 60° angle, two units can be mounted together to increase range or viewing angle
  • 940nM has 40m viewing range at 60° angle.
  • superb IR lighting delivered by proprietry LED technology developed by Paragontech.
  • bright even light throughout the specified angle of view
  • Dual 12V DC 24 AC

Specifications  Model: PI-1000


60m @ 60° 850nM

 30m @ 60° 940nM








112mm x 153mm x 65mm