Dahua Human Temperature Measuring Solution


Quick Overview

Human Temperature Measuring Solution with Accuracy of 0.3°C.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Dahua Technology has invested huge resources into developing a thermal imaging system that is able to measure the temperatures of multiple people simultaneously while maintaining a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3°C (when used with a temperature calibration device) or +/- 1°C used on its own.

The BF5421T thermal imaging camera has been especially developed for human temp measuring.  It can be configured to output alarms once temperature thresholds are met.  It also has a white flashing indicator and build in audible alarm.  It will maintain continuous and contactless temperature monitoring.

Easy to Setup and Deploy

The solution is easy to setup and deploy.  The back box calibrator is mains powered while the camera is POE or 12V DC.   Once connected to your network the camera can be accessed from any browser and the realtime data is instantly displayed, similar to the screen shot below.   Alarm notifications can be audible alerts, mobile push notifications, emails with screen shots and on screen alarms.  


It has built in AI features that allows it to filter people within the frame rather than other warm objects such as coffee, mobile phones, electronics etc.


Dual Colour and Thermal Lenses

Dual lenses provide both thermal and colour imaging.   A 400 x 300 thermal sensor provides the thermal imaging and realtime temperature reading data.   A 2MP colour imaging sensor provides a standard high quality 1080p colour image. Both images can be viewed simultaneously in multiple viewing modes including side by side and overlay.




In order for the high accuracy of of +/- 0.3°C to be achieved the camera should be calibrated with a thermally stable calibration device.  The housing maintains a known reference temperature which when calibrated with the camera is able to provide a high level of temperature reading.

A.I NVR Recording

This system can be recorded to Dahua's AI based NVR.  This records both the thermal image and the colour image along with the temperature meta data.   This data can then be used for analysis and reporting.   You can also search for footage based on a set temperature range, basically the temperatures are indexed to the video.  



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