SecuraLux SLX06M with Actilux


Quick Overview

Off-Grid Lighting Solution, 3000Lm with Actilux PIR Modes.

SecuraLux lighting provides clean, white, bright lighting where ever it is needed, instantly.     Built and designed for NZ conditions and exclusively distributed by Viewtech Ltd.

Easily deployable and fully self contained SecuraLux lighting is fit for purpose and well engineered.  Capable of up to 12,000 Lumens you can now rapidly deploy bright lighting to where ever it is needed or choose it as an economical, clean and green solution for fixed lighting applications.


Robust Construction & Fit for Purpose

The SecuraLux SLX06M is well constructed and built to last.  Powder coated aluminium parts provide a long lasting high quality external finish and all hardware is 316 stainless steel.  High quality OSRAM led modules are used and the whole unit is IP65 rated.

Actilux with 3 Modes

Actilux uses a combination of light sensors and PIR sensors to completely automate your SecruaLux light.   The light sensors will make sure you light only comes on at dusk and turns off again at dawn.    The PIR sensors allow you to activate higher lux levels when motion is detected.   This is perfect for saving energy as well as giving users a higher sense of security.

Actilux modes on SLX06M are as follows (activated by a simple button press before installing):


0% Light and 100% Light on motion detection


30% Light from Dusk and 100% Light on Motion Detection


50% Light from Dusk and 100% Light on Motion Detection

Cloudy Day Ratings

SLX06M carries up to 10 days of power storage to keep your light running in even the cloudiest periods.

Note: Cloudy Day Performance will be affected by the amount of brightness used, time of year and correct orientation of the light to optimize energy gathering.

  • Extremely Durable 
  • 30W of LED lighting power 
  • 3000 Lumen 
  • Three selectable modes 
  • Diecast aluminium construction
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Actilux PIR Sensing Capability
  • Light Sensor for auto activation
Solar Panel Polycrystaline 20W
Capacity 3.7V 153WH 2.6AH/PC
Charging/Discharging Temp 0~45°C/-20~60°C
Charging Time 10H
Color Temp 4000K, Ra 80+
Efficiency 190lm/W
Cloudy Days >10 Days
Lighting Mode  
PIR 120°, 5m
IP / Vandal Resistant IP65, IK10
Operation (selected via push button)
M1:900LM + PIR 3000LM(10S)
M2:1500LM + PIR 3000LM(10S)
M3:0LM + PIR 3000LM(10S)
Install Height 3M-3.5M
Size 221W x 355D
Pole Max Diametre 60