Viewtech Forklift A.I. Pedestrian Detection Camera Kit


Quick Overview

Pedestrian Detection System for Forklifts

Using cutting edge A.I. technology Viewtech is now able to offer reversing and blind spot camera systems complete with a full suite of AI human detection technology.  

As a specialist in this field for over 10 years, this will be a game changer adding a whole new layer of safety to an existing commonly used camera and monitor platform.

3 year return to Viewtech warranty & 0800 888 324 tech support as always.

The latest in A.I Vehicle Safety

This kit is not only a new Full HD high definition heavy duty reversing system but also features built in smart technology that can alert operators of pedestrians and cyclists that appear in the cameras view. 

Our A.I. cameras use machine learning and A.I. algorithms to detect humans in the field of view of the camera. 

Operators can be alerted to nearby pedestrians by three ways:

  • audible alarm via the monitor speaker directly from the camera
  • a visual warning which highlights the human with a square outline that appears on the monitor
  • an electrical output direct from the camera which can be used to activate any other electrical device

This technology will pave the way for A.I. video safety and removes the needs for any third party devices to be worn by a pedestrian in order for detection.


Photo showing the Viewtech system detection humans in the masked field of view.

Give your fleet the Viewtech A.I. Advantage

Talk to us today on how we can help your Fleet become safer.  We can supply New Zealand & Australia wide and will work with your local installer or arrange an installer for you.

Highest Quality Build Available

Like all Viewtech systems this kit includes the highest possible environmental and vibration ratings making this system fit for purpose in high demanding, hard wearing applications and comes with our return to base 3 year warranty.

Easy Calibration

Detection areas and zones are easily setup via wifi by your mobile device.   You can also use this to live view the camera when aligning to your vehicle or machine.

Call us today to discuss how A.I. human detection technology can be used to make your fleet safer.

Parts Included in this Kit

  • VT7WPQ-720  IP69K Rated HD Quad Monitor with dash bracket & U-bracket
  • VT639AI AI Monitor
  • VT5M 5m cable


  • AI Human detection deep learning algorithms built into the camera
  • AI electrical alarm output
  • High definition 1080P
  • use for reversing or for watching traffic behind vehicle
  • IP69K rated camera (can be pressure washed)
  • three video inputs
  • hi resolution digital monitor with superior brightness - 400cd/m2 brightest on the market
  • hi resolution colour camera with infrared night vision and audio
  • true day/night infrared filter for ultra clear night time imaging
  • automatic defrosting and demisting. (heater kicks in when temperature drops below 10 degrees)
  • 140° wide camera viewing angle
  • each rear video input has a power sensing wire which when taken to a positive voltage will automatically select that view (door view, reversing camera etc.)
  • 10V-32V dynamic voltage input range. Handles spikes and volt drops experienced in a 24V system.
  • versatile mounting options for both camera and monitor.
  • monitor button lights automatically illuminate in the dark

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