Viewtech VTX-300SE Drive Camera


Quick Overview

Dual HD recording, third hard wired camera input, GPS, Alarm inputs.

 The VTX-300SE offers unparalleled features and connectivity options.

This unit is designed for commercial truck and fleet operations and has the ability to operate on its own.

Trucking & Transport Use as a high-end dash camera system with forward and driver facing cameras. Dual memory slots give ample storage and a USB port allows even more storage to be connected.

A third hard wired input allows a third camera to be wired into the system. This could be a side or reverse mounted external camera.

PC Software Included

The included PC software allows you to manually read and view the SD card data.   This allows you to back up AVI files, read GPS and G-force data as well as change settings on the camera itself.  






 Tamper Proof Cover

  • 130° Camera angle (inside and out
  • HD forward facing and HD driver facing camer
  • Third wired camera input
  • easy installation bracket with security cover to hide and cover all wires, plugs and memory card
  • 2 x Micro SD slots max 128GB each
  • Infrared night vision (inside)
  • Voice record (can be disabled)
  • 3 axis motion sensor can trigger event videos
  • GPS data logging with speed
  • easy to use playback software show video, audio, maps, speed and g-forces simultaneously
  • Wide dynamic range forward facing HD camera can handle bright and dark light changes
  • compatible with optional purpose built cloud based tracking system (monthly charges apply)





 Coretex-A8(800MHz) Processor 

 Linux ARM

 Camera  1st/ Front  Digital HD CMOS Sensor   1280 x 720p(HD)

 2nd/ In-Cabin

 Digital HD CMOS Sensor  

 1280 x 720p(HD) 

 3rd/ Rear  Analog D1 Composite / DC 5v  720 x 480p(D1), Option

 Angle of view

 Front Lens

 92(H), 64(V), 120(D) 

 6 Element All Glass Lens

 In-Cabin Lens  110(H), 74(V), 150(D)


 256 MB


 NAND Flash Memory  128 MB  Samsung  / SLC Type


 3D Acceleration sensor

 Bosh / up to 8G

 Speaker / MIC

 Mono Speaker / Internal MIC


 Super capacitor

 DC 5v / over 5F

 Ensures safe shutdown 

 GPS Module Antenna  Built in Cradle  Supports G mouse Antenna

 Memory storage

 micro SDHC(MLC) x 2 slots

 128 GB max per slot (MLC)

 Video out put  NTSC / PAL  2.5mm jack to RCA

Port Interface


 3.5Ø DC input jack 


 GPS  2.5Ø 4PIN ear phone jack  

 2.5Ø 4PIN ear phone jack


 CAMERA IN  2.5Ø 4PIN ear phone jack  
 micro USB

 Type B

 Host mode / DC 5v

 USB  Type A



 Private Encryption / H.264 

 mp4 customisable

 Channel Mode  2 Channel  3 Channel

 4Mbps / @30fps 

 4Mbps/ @27fps

 In-Cabin  4Mbps / @30fps  2Mbps/Max.@15fps
 3rd Camera



 Audio  PCM  Monaural, 22.05Khz, 16bits


 Uninterrupted Recording

1 min(60s±1s) / file and 

able to change segment

 Button Event recording  15 sec.±0.25s before; 15 sec.±0.25s after (Total 30 sec. Event file)

 SOS Event recording 

 G-sensor Event recording

 Remote Event from Server

Server control 

 Operating Power Voltage   DC 8v ~ 32v  

 Operating Temperature

 -20℃ to +85℃ 


 Storage Temperature  -30℃ to +90℃   


 109(w) x 82(H) x 19(D)

Excluding camera lens protrusion

 121.9(W) x 104.2(H) x 46.1(D)  Main body with GPS tamperproof


 Main device: 138g

 GPS Cradle : 42g

 Warranty Period  1 year after purchased  


 7 years

 KC, FCC, EC, RoHs

 Product guarantee period

 5 years

 Made in Korea

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