Portable Under Water Fishing & Inspection Kit

SKU: TP6002

$849.00 +GST

Quick Overview

50m cable, White LED lights, Hard case, 7" colour monitor and battery.

Perfect for fishing and underwater inspections this kit is fully portable and easy to use.    Features a colour LCD monitor, 50m underwater camera, tough carry case and high quality battery.    

Commercial Use

We have supplied these systems for bore inspections, jetty & pile inspections as well as hull inspections.   The commercial applications are endless.

Recreational Use

The perfect accessory for any recreational fishing boat.   Drop the camera where ever you anchor up and you will see within minutes if there is any fish and if there is what species they are.   Adds a whole new dimension to your fishing experience and saves time too as you can see straight away if there is fish.

The camera has built in white LED lighting for illumination in darker waters and also has an adjustable ballast enabling it it be tilted slightly up or down.    These kits are great for fishing and open up a whole new world for the avid fisherman.


We've included a high quality 7Ah battery which will run the system for 6+ hours. We achieved 7 hours under our own testing with the LED lights on medium.   The battery has a level indicator and has built in charging circuitry allowing you to plug 12V-24V DC into it for charging.   It has a low volt disconnect to prevent damage when it becomes low.  


  • 7" Colour LCD monitor
  • High quality Lithium 7Ah rechargeable battery
  • Camera with 50m cable and hand reel
  • hard carry case
  • battery
  • 50m cable
  • white LED lights with adjustable brightness
  • 7" colour LCD monitor
  • 700TVL Sony CCD camera unit with full colour
  • hard carry case
  • video outpu which can be fed to a larger screen or recording unit