Viewtech Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated business and operates with New Zealand values at heart.  We partake in country wide community projects and contribute towards the Canterbury Westcoast Air Rescue trust. 

Our products and technology can be used to help many people in numerous ways.

Community and charity project contributions are made by way of goods or partially paid for goods depending on the nature of the work being done and the return of exposure.   Current sponsorships and donations are listed below.  If you would like to apply for sponsor ship by way of any of our products please email us.


The Canterbury Air Rescue Trust.

Viewtech Ltd is a proud business supporter of the Canterbury Air rescue Trust.    We make a yearly donation as part of the Rescue 300 supporters club.


Brent Shaw and his Home Built Submarine.

Brent has built his own home built submarine.  He got a star billing at the New Zealand Hutchwilco boat show in Auckland in May 2008 and was one of the major attractions of the show.

Brent is often seen at Lake Taupo with the submarine around 2 Mile Bay taking adults and children for dives around looking at the trout.

Brents budget was getting tight and he asked if Viewtech could supply viewing gear at a discounted rate in return for advertising on the submarine.

Viewtech supplied the internal LCD monitor and external viewing camera for a substantial discount to the normal retail price. You can view the submarine below.

The system enables him to see what is around on the surface when submerged up to 1.5 metres.  You can see the monitor supplied by Viewtech in the middle of the dash.  In return Brent continues to advertise our brand by way of advertising on the outside of the submarine.