Production & Manufacturing Camera Systems



Camera & CCTV systems have a large part to play in production and manufacturing - especially for health and safety reasons.

Camera and monitoring equipment can help monitor dangerous equipment and machinery from a safe distance.

They can provide a visual indication to operators of any problems allowing operators to take the correct course of action from a safe distance.


Our software is able to receive and send HTTP events and then bookmark these events to video footage.  This is extremely powerful for manufacturers wanting to have visuals of individual items throughout the production line.   Imagine being able to pull up all the associated video of a products manufacture just by searching its serial or code in the video system.  

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Cameras can also be used in quality control and production line fault finding. Camers & recorders can provide a 24/7 monitoring solution that can afterwards allow a user to isolate a fault in machinery or processes saving time and money.


  • Visual monitoring of dangerous machinery
  • CCTV & security
  • Quality control
  • Production line failure fault finding


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