Retail Surveillance Systems


In conjunction with integrators Viewtech has worked with large NZ retail chains (references available) to roll out and manage their CCTV operations from a nationalised view point.  As CCTV specialists we are able to assist in the best type of system to suit your business.  And, because we are suppliers we have a good database of hard working reliable local installers that are on call to do the physical work when required.   These same installation companies use our CCTV equipment for their own installs so its a model that works very well - you get our expertise and knowledge combined with very good quality installation practice.

CCTV used in retail environments act as both an incident detection tool as well as a deterrent.

Retailers that roll out CCTV will see a reduction in shrinkage but secondly it will also assist in helping customers and staff feel safe in a    world where blame and liability are rife. 

Modern IP based CCTV is very scalable. This makes it both cost effective for small corner shops right through to large retail chains with multiple sites.

Ultra high resolution CCTV cameras are now very small - some have a footprint of only 80mm so they no longer have that ugly non-aesthetical look about them. 

Viewtech Retail CCTV Advantages

  • nationalised roll out
  • good data base of reliable regional contractors for installations
  • Discourage shoplifters
  • Increase staff safety and security
  • Increase customer safety and security
  • Help resolve customer complaints
  • Monitor staff
  • Monitor point of sale transactions


Often existing network infrastructure can be used in the design of a CCTV system and new modern megapixel cameras can even use old existing analogue CCTV cabling.  

Viewtech is able to help large retails by supplying the same suite of product nationally. We can work direct with IT staff and design systems for each site that can be all managed from one software interface.  We can also help with arranging technicians in the regions where on site work is required.

IT Managers & In-house Loss Officers

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Nx Witness

Nx Witness is a perfect VMS for retail and offers extremely fast event and incident searching.   

Learn more about Nx Witness here.



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