Truen HD Video Encoder/ Decoder

SKU: TCS-2000

Quick Overview

Megapixel Encoding/Decoding and video Conversion

This HD IP encoder / decoder is a great solution for converting a digital HD source such as HDMI or HD-SDI  camera for streaming over an IP network.   Extremely versatile these systems allow you to either encode a camera for direct transmission to an ethernet network allowing you to watch the feed via your web browser or the included TVMS software.

Encode/Decode Capability

The truen TCS-300 has the unique capability of being able to encode analogue video over a IP network and then decode back to analogue at the other end for direct display on a monitor or connection to a DVR.   This is easy to setup and is completely transparent to the network that it is connected accross.

Truen Video Management System (TVMS) Software

Truen cameras are packaged free with Truen TVMS-16 software.   This powerful server software enables full control, live view, recording, backup and replay of up to 16 IP cameras on the free version and 128 on a paid license.  A client package is also included for remote connection to the server.  For a full software feature list please see the features tab below.

Onvif Compiant

Onvif compliance enables this camera to be used with third party software packages for easy integration into your current IP system.  Constant firmware updates from Truen ensure that the camera can always be updated with the latest software features.

  • Dual Streaming (H.264/H.264, H.264/MJPEG)
  • HDMI to Composite to HD-SDI or vice versa video conversion
  • Encoder / Decoder Selectable
  • Two Way Audio Communication (G.711/AAC)
  • Composite Video Output
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • USB Recording
  • Watchdog for System Recovery
  • RS-232, RS-422/485 Communication
  • Motion Detection
  • 2 Sensor Input & 2 Alarm Output

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