UR Fog 400 Anti-theft Fog Machine


Quick Overview

Fills a 400m3 room to 0 visibility in 46 seconds.

Completely AJAX Wireless Alarm System ready this Fog system can also be used on any alarm system or activator.

The UR Fog 400 instantly eliminates the ability of an intruder to attack or steal.  This will reduce theft during a robbery as well as reduce the chance of serious assault. 

When used with Ajax there are three main modes

  • activate instantly on alarm trigger
  • activate remotely on image verification after alarm
  • activate instantly by wireless Ajax panic button

UR Fog uses unrivalled fog emission technology and a patented pump system to rapidly fill a room full of thick dense fog.

The Ajax ready  UR Fog 400 will fill a 400m3 room in approx. 46 seconds or a 1200m3 room to less than 1.5m of visibility in the same time.

A 750ml replaceable fluid bag provides at least 3 activations at the maximum setting.

UR Fog is Made In Italy

  • Connects to any Ajax wireless alarm system or any other alarm system
  • 750ml fluid bag included
  • Single Shot Coverage to less than 1m visibility = 400m3
  • Single Shot Coverage to less than 1.5m visibility = 1200m3
  • Maximum emission shot time = 46 seconds
  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting Mains Power 230V
  • 2Ahr 12V Backup Battery (not included)
  • Total discharge capacity of full bag = 850m3
  • Heater max power in start 280W
  • Average consumption 48W
  • Weight: 8.5kg

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