Mining & Construction Camera Systems



Viewtech's Fleetview recording and blindspot systems can be used in heavy duty vehicles within the construction and mining industries.  

We carefully work with the client to identify risk in relation to that vehicle and then design a system that will help operators with blind spots and fleetmanagers with event reviews of recorded footage.

Customised camera kits can be installed into the following

  • Mining trucks.
  • Loaders.
  • Dump and refuse trucks.
  • Drill rigs.
  • Cranes.

Features include

  • High definition monitors with automatic camera view selection or touch screen.
  • Live view over 4G with PC or mobile Apps. 
  • Heavy duty cameras with audio, night vision and are pressure washable.
  • Customisable camera viewing angles depending on your viewing requirements.
  • Record high definition video for up to 8 weeks
  • Export GPS reports, meta data and alarm input data


Screen Shot of Viewtech Fleetview recording system installed on a loader. This system can be live viewed and alarms show to the Fleetmanager

in real time.


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Some of our Customers:



Dear Viewtech,

Thank you for the prompt service supplied when we have been setting up our new drilling rigs.

The camera’s work well, and we have been impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of your equipment.

Jaron McMillan
McMillan Drilling Services