A.I Pedestrian Detection

Viewtech can now offer reversing and side mounted cameras that have full built in artificial intelligence that can detect the presence of pedestrians and cyclists.

This technology is ground breaking and offers fleets a reliable way of managing machine to human collisions.  It literally can save lives and prevent serious injury.

Viewtech A.I Pedestrian Technology has the following advantages:

  • 99% reliable with minimal false triggers
  • no additional hardware required
  • the pedestrian does not need to wear or carry anything for the system to work
  • compatible with Viewtech FleetView
  • compatible with all Viewtech monitors to provide a high definition camera system
  • can be used without a monitor

Viewtech A.I Pedestrian Technology can be used on any moving plant including:

  • loaders
  • trucks
  • rollers
  • graders
  • forklifts
  • mobile cranes
  • agricultural machines

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3 Item(s)