Transport & Logistics Camera Systems



In-truck CCTV from Viewtech can be custom designed for use within the transport and logistics industries. Integrated systems can be designed that utilize multi-camera systems for both safety and security. 

Truck Cameras can be used for reversing and blind spot monitoring and at the same time be recorded for security purposes including forklift loading and unloading, stock theft and operator misconduct.

Our product range is the best in NZ and we supply dash and reversing cameras right through to multi-camera recording systems which are completely custom designed.


  • Verify delivery
  • Reduce load shrinkage
  • Record and report dangerous driving
  • Prove liability in an accident
  • Driver training and health & safety

Features Include

  • Live remote acces and event notifcations
  • Automatic backup of event and booked footage to a main server (once truck returns to yard or instantly over 4G)
  • Heavy duty cameras with audio, night vision and are pressure washable
  • Customisable camera viewing angles depending on your viewing requirements
  • All video can be recorded and reviewed for health and safety, theft, near miss or serious event.
  • Video can be GPS tagged along with speed and event data

Gives us a call today on 0800 888 324 to discuss options for your truck or fleet.  Demonstrations and referrals can be easily supplied.

Visit our Fleetview page for more details on our multi-channel recording platform.



Viewtech can also supply and arrange installation of full CCTV systems for intruder detection, site safety and loss prevention.

CCTV systems are now reaching extremely high video resolutions and allow business owners to see much more detail.   The 180° camera below allows this customer to get an excellent overview of a very busy part of their yard.



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