Viewtech 7" Quad LCD Vehicle Monitor


$489.00 +GST

Quick Overview

7" Heavy Duty Digital Monitor with fully progammable Quad mode

This monitor enables you to view up to four cameras at once making it perfect for commercial buses, agricultural machinery and other large vehicles.   It is highly customizable and feature packed and has many picture in picture modes.

An advanced feature is the ability to prioritize your triggers. For example your vehicle or machinery may be in status A but then an event occurs which causes a trigger on status B, Status B can be set to override status A if it is more important to view that camera first. 

Included in Package:

  • 7" LCD Quad monitor
  • wiring loom
  • dash mount
  • infrared remote control
  • bracket mount
  • sun visor
  • manual
  • 1 x RCA cable adaptor
  • 1 x Front input jack RCA adaptor


  • Five video inputs. Four via the rear cabling bundle and one via the front jack.
  • Each rear input also has a 12V output to power cameras.
  • Each rear input has a power sensing trigger wire which when taken to a postive voltage will automatically select that view (door view, reversing camera etc)
  • Two video outputs. One with audio and one that enables you to customise what cameras are output.
  • 12V-32V dynamic voltage input range.
  • Camera trigger priority is fully customizable
  • Camera volume can be individually set
  • Many picture in picture modes
  • Images can be reversed or normal.
  • Cameras can be individually named
  • Auto scan with image switching time variable from 1-30 seconds.
  • Auto brightness for day and night viewing

Picture Modes:

  • Quad -  four cameras viewed at once
  • One Full Screen, One picture in picture
  • One Full Screen, three picture in picture
  • Dual – two cameras with half each
  • Tripple – one camera has a half screen and two have a quarter each.

Model VT7HDQ

Screen 7" Digital Panel with extra wide angle view and Quad Mode
Camera inputs 4 (each with audio and 12V power output) Camera input 3 has reverse grid overlay
Camera Triggers 4 (12V-36V trigger for activating camera with programmable priorites)
DVD/Aux input 1 (on front)
Colour System PAL/NTSC Auto
Power Supply 12V-32V DC
Outer Dimensions 182mm(W) x 122mm(H) x 43mm(D)
Dot Pitch 0.107h x .37v
Resolution 800 x 480
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Brightness 400cd/m2
Power Consumption 12W
Button Lights Auto illuminating

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