Viewtech All-Around 360 Blind Spot System


Quick Overview

360° Blind Spot System for Vehicles.

Provides a full aerial 360° view around vehicles up to 10m long.

Full 360° View

The VT360HD uses four super wide angle Full HD cameras to produce a virtual birds-eye view around any vehicle. The control unit stitches the images together in real time giving a seamless view around the vehicle.

Full Recording Capability

The control unit also has 4 x SD card slots - just add SD cards and the system will record up to 124 days of footage if 4 x 128GB cards are used.  Note that the cameras actually see more detail to what is actually stitched on the monitor so all of this detail is recorded as well.   Basically 4 cameras in 4 directions are all recorded simultaneously.

Monitor Options

The system has CVBS (analogue) and HDMI out for a full range of monitor options. The highest image quality is achieved when using our VT7FHD and VT10FHD HDMI monitors.

Viewing Options and Triggers

A huge range of viewing options and triggers include multiple ways of displaying images.  Triggers allow reverse or side cameras to show in the area next to the 360 view.


Full On Screen Configuration and Setup

The system is configured on screen via the included remote.   Recording settings and calibration is all done from here.

  • Full HD 1080p on each camera
  • CVBS (RCA) and HDMI outputs
  • camera triggering
  • full DVR recording
  • 4 x SD slots
  • multiple viewing modes


Video Input Max 8Ch 1080P25/1080P30
Video Display 360° around-view+ 1CH
HDMI Output 1080P, 50/60
AV (RCA) Output D1, 25/30
Storage Max. 4 x 128G SD Cards
Compression Encoding Max. 8CH 1080P H.264
Decompression Decoding Max. 8CH 1080P H.264
Recording Data Stream 4M/8M
Working Voltage 8-32V
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90%

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