Viewtech Blind Spot Camera Kit


Quick Overview

Blind spot camera system for left & right blind spot monitoring.

With safety in mind this kit includes two specially designed side mounted cameras which interface back to a 7" vehicle monitor. The camera provides a wide angle view alongside of large vehicles and can be set to automatically activate when the indicators are activated. This provides view of pedestrians, other vehicles and cyclists who may have come alongside at lights or other waiting areas.  Applications include trucks and truck trailers, box bodies, buses and any other large vehicle with hindering blind spots.

Heavy Duty & Long Lasting

The Viewtech 7" Monitor is a high quality shock resistant digital monitor built for conditions associated with vehicles. It comes with sturdy mounts and brackets and all connections are made via a wiring loom which can be fully hidden. The heavy duty camera is also built to last. Made out of cast aluminium it can handle the odd knock or two and it has a built in heater to prolong its life, this keeps moisture out and means you will never have to put up with a foggy image. The camera is also IP69K rated meaning that it can be pressure washed at high temperature.

Connections to cameras are all made via waterproof 4-pin screw type connections and the camera also comes with a rubber cable shroud and grommet for entry through an external surface.

Wide Dynamic Input Voltage Range

Features well designed DC circuitry primarily designed for 24V systems. A wide 10V-36V input range to handle voltage drops and spikes. Each camera output has smoothed 12V supply for perfect camera operation.

Easy To Install

This kit is incredibly easy to install. All electrical contacts are done at the monitor end which includes the red '+' & black '-' connection and the camera sensing wires get connected to your indicator wiring. All camera connections are done out of the monitor via ONE 4-pin cable. This makes installation very straight forward and a lot easier than you think.


This system is very versatile and can be installed in any bus, truck or other vehicle. A third reversing camera, that gets triggered off the reversing lights, can be added and this can also be connected via a suzy to any trailer unit.

  • automatic activation on indicator select
  • can be mounted to look directly down onto blindspots or to look along side
  • super wide 140° viewing angle
  • built in automatic heater
  • IP69K water proof rating (this rating allows the camera to be pressure washed)
  • 5m night vision range
  • sensitive audio pickup
  • 4 pin waterproof connection with rubber grommet on cable tail.
  • easy to mount and small in size
  • monitor can be flush mounted

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