Viewtech Dual-view Camera


Quick Overview

Dual 500TVL Day/Night cameras, wide and narrow angle applications, IP67.


The Viewtech Dual-view has two completely separate camera modules built into the one camera housing.  One camera module has a narrow view lens - this gets used as a "rear view" camera and can watch the road and traffic behind a large vehicle.   This camera mimics the view you would normally see in your rear vision mirror.  

The second camera has a wide view lens - this gets used as a "reversing" or "backing" camera.   This gives a wide field of view directly behind the vehicle and will allow you to judge distance backing up to objects or a trailer as well as giving full visibility in the direct area behind the vehicle.

Heavy Duty Design

The Viewtech Dual-view is well designed and fully IP67 rated.  Each camera module can be individually set and has a locking mechanism which once set will not vibrate or adjust. Both camera modules have audio so no matter what view you are looking at you will still get audio as well.

  • 92° narrow view camera
  • 110° wide view camera
  • individually adjustable camera modules
  • robust design with module locking mechanism
  • both modules have audio
  • IP67 rated
  • 500TVL high resolution image sensors with day / night
  • 5m Infrared night vision range

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