Viewtech Mirror Rear View Kit


$349.00 +GST

Quick Overview

Superb build quality and function ensures you don't even realise this kit is installed.

New updated model - Now with improved night vision and larger 4.2" LCD built into the mirror.

The Viewtech VT42MRK rear vision kit is designed to completely replace your existing mirror.    Superb build quality and very high quality two way mirror glass ensures that the mirror functions exactly as your existing factory rear view mirror.   The large 4.2" LCD panel ensures that you can reliably see while reversing.  

When the rear view monitor is activated by selecting reverse it will illuminate in less than 0.5 seconds enabling a full rear view image.    The superior glass used ensures that the monitor is 100% invisible when not activated - you literally would not know it's there until you select reverse.

Safety without Compromise

This high quality, low cost kit significantly reduces the likelihood of property damage and most importantly injury to others without anyone even knowing that it's installed.  

The wide angle camera provides enough viewing angle that you will clearly be able to view your tow bar or bumper, as well as looking directly back horizontally.   This ensures that you can accurately judge distance when backing up to other objects as well as viewing approaching objects that are further away.    This will also reduce your blind spot allowing you to see children or animals.  The screen shot shown shows a 2 year old who was completely invisible in the mirror itself.

 The mirror/monitor is also available separately and may be used with most other reversing cameras.

  • Completely automatic
  • exceptional build quality
  • high quality two way mirror glass
  • 4.2" Digital LCD colour display
  • second auxilliary input (activated by the single button)
  • wide angle colour camera
  • camera switches to night mode for night time reversing
  • camera can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even upside down if required


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